We offer a comprehensive list of IT staffing and outsourcing solutions to serve the varying needs of a wide range of industries. Our unrelenting effort to become the most reliable partner to our clients has driven us to build a team that is advanced, intuitive and experienced enough to consistently deliver the best results.

  • Project Staffing

    Our project staffing services have proven very helpful for enterprises looking for support on a per-project basis, especially if the project is outside of their existing skillset. In such cases, we offer them a choice of consultants from a highly capable talent pool, each of whom can take ownership of a project from start to finish. It ensures that our clients can hire on a functional level and not on an organizational one.

    This means that they always have access to expert resources, without adding any extra burden on the organization. Our services are highly customizable and can serve any type of requirement - whether it is on-site or remote work.

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  • Contract Staffing

    If you are looking for a specific type of IT expertise to serve you over a period of time, you can always rely on our contract staffing solutions. This model offers you complete flexibility in terms of experience, skills, remuneration, and duration of employment.

    We ensure that you always have the best and most ideal expertise at your disposal, without the burden of nurturing or firing resources after your requirement.

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  • Permanent Staffing

    At ConnectIT we understand that on-boarding a new member into your team is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is why we take a meticulous approach to help you find, attract, develop and retain talent that can best serve your organization.

    Most of our recruitment professionals are experts in various fields across the IT sector. This helps them identify candidates who are not just skilled, but also possess the ideal mindset for the position being considered.

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  • IT Human Capital Consulting

    Beyond just finding you the best people for your organization, we can also help you capitalize on existing resources to maximize your potential and gain a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.

    Our experts are well-versed in current industry best practices in human resources. We can offer you highly personalized advice and solutions in terms of selection, policies, benefits, evaluations, performance management and much more.

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  • Custom Learning Programs

    Continuous education is at the core of any enduring organization’s success. Our customized learning programs are designed to empower your teams with the exact skills they need to help you achieve your unique business goals. These programs not only improve your employees’ efficiency, but also motivate them to better align with your larger strategy and corporate culture.

    Our programs draw insights and knowledge from world-leading academic and industry practitioners. We also offer long term e-learning options with consistent updates and adaptation of content to ensure that they are always reflective of current business environments.

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